Friday, September 23, 2005

Hillary Clinton Holding Down Rob

Orin Kerr questions whether any nominee by a Republican candidate would be supported under Sen. Clinton's standard. What I enjoyed most was this comment.

As a recovering Democrat, I have to say one of the more annoying side-effects of the current utter domination of the national political scene by the Republican Party is that actions by leading Democrats have become essentially entirely symbolic, devoid of any real consequences. Consequently those same leaders have largely degenerated into children, little better than blowdried news-anchors, fond of the empty gesture and high-dudgeon-mode tirade, losing completely any ability to make realistic and principled decisions. Harry Truman's shade must be weeping for what has been lost.

What a terrible shame. Somewhere out there are smart, capable, disciplined young Democrats who could provide a valuable counterpoint to the Republican party line, who could keep the national debate vigorous. But I expect they are prevented from rising to positions of leadership because of the clutter of insufferably boring and uninspired deadwood at the top -- e.g. the regrettable Senator Clinton -- which deadwood remains sadly unpruned by the fact that hysterical decisions are never punished by what would be their logical sequelae if they were other than merely symbolic.

Rob, he's looking for you!