Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I agree with the ACLU!?!?!?

In a shocking turn, after bashing The Post, I'm going to say they got one right. The People's Republic of Montgomery County (as I love to call my home county) in Maryland apparently requires a permit for signs placed on your personal property for more than 30 days. Now, I can see their point... they don't want people putting signs and posters all over their yard and house and messing up the look of the neighborhood. At the same time though, what ever happened to free speech? Signs protesting against government action, inaction, or even personal action must be permitted in the public discourse. To require a permit with a far more arduous process than seems necessary (scale drawings of the sign, drawings showing the signs location, etc) seems to unduly restrict a resident's right to free speech. True, they do allow signs to be posted for less than 30 days without such a permit, but long tough battles can be expected when fighting for what you believe in. In this case, a $30 fee and permit application are too much of a limit on free speech in the People's Republic. I'm glad to see the ACLU on the case... I hope they win this one.