Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kurtz Calls Media on Protest Whitewash

Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post takes the media to task for failing to report fully (or truthfully) about the backers of last weekend's anti-war (or anti-American) protests in Washington, DC and elsewhere...

The media have done a poor job of describing who was behind Saturday's big antiwar demo in D.C. This is in no way to cast aspersions on the tens of thousands of ordinary folks who showed up to demonstrate their opposition to U.S. policy in Iraq. But many journalists shortchanged their readers and viewers in not saying more about the radical group ANSWER.

The Washington Post offered this brief description of ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice: "Both groups have sponsored other major demonstrations against the war in Iraq but also protested U.S. foreign policy in places ranging from Haiti to the Gaza Strip."

I wonder if the media would have resorted to such shorthand in covering a group as far to the right as ANSWER is to the left.

I couldn't agree more. The media in their excitement over what they wanted to portray as a massive outpouring of support for an anti-war movement failed to report on what many of the protestors actually seemed to be supporting. That 9/11 was an inside job (see here); socialist revolution and an overthrow of capitalism (see here); republicans stole the elections (see here); and anarchy (see here). More here and here. Seems like this is something all of the mainstream media's readers might want to know about.