Friday, September 23, 2005

Let's not get carried away.

Mike, a/k/a Conspiracy Elephant wrote: "Or, maybe they did and just don't care."

Evidence? It would be equally credible to say that maybe they did, but radio waves from nearby public radio broadcast antennas made them forget it. Better put your tin foil hat on, buddy.

The Post article does touch on an interesting point, viz., the professional protester. I've been to one protest in D.C. A friend of mine from college came to protest the invasion of Iraq, and I went with him. We took a ball and gloves and played catch, and I tried to ignore the insane rants given by the various speakers. Then it came time to march.

There were a number of professional protesters in the crowd. Maybe I should use the word "experienced" instead of "professional," since they lacked the typical characteristics one associates with a working professional, or a working person at all for that matter. Many of the marchers looked like they had been protesting since the 70s, and those who didn't looked like (1) they wish they had been, and (2) they didn't really plan on doing anything else. It was like marching with caricatures of dirty hippes. Except that they were real. And silly. And kind of repugnant. I'm pretty sure they didn't convince a single person who wasn't convinced already.

There is a place for protests. When debate fails, and it's the only way to be heard, I can understand it. Often, though, we seem to skip the debating step.