Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Linking Voter Registration to IDs Makes Sense

The idea is not so much to link them (although that would work too) as it is to provide a method for providing verification. Rather than simply placing a check mark next to a voter on the roll or pulling a card from a box, poll workers could scan the existing bar code or magnetic strip on the back of most state IDs and have it interface with the DMV/DPS/other agency that issues the cards. This could provide an image of the Driver's License (I know TX uses digital photos, I assume other states do as well) or at least pertinent information that would allow the poll worker to verify the person in front of them is who they say they are and that the ID is not fake. The technology for doing this is, for the most part, in place. It would add very little in additional cost and would greatly reduce the potential for fraud without unduly burdening any specific groups.